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Fiction vs. Fact

    Integrity and honesty are important characteristics of a District Judge.  They are characteristics that are imperative to maintaining trust in the judiciary.  There have been a number of misrepresentations and false statements that have been asserted by my opponent in this election.  So many, that it is impossible to address each and every one of them in the two to three minutes that we generally are allotted at political forums, and to do so would take away from the positive message that I want to send to the voters of Montgomery County. 

    However, the citizens of this county deserve to know the truth, and they deserve to know the truth before casting their ballots.  Accordingly, I have compiled a short list of "Fiction vs. Fact" items to set the record straight and to clear up these misrepresentations.  I have included the citations for the sources of information supporting each "Fact" so that the voters of this county can verify the information for themselves. Please click on the above hyperlink to view this list.

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