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  • I have a proven record of judicial experience, applying conservative judicial restraint.
  • With my conservative values, I am prepared to put the 410th District Court back to work for the people of Montgomery County, ensuring that litigants and attorneys are given the opportunity to be heard in a court of law.
  • My proven judicial and legal experience has prepared me to make the 410th District Court a more productive and efficient steward of the tax payers' dollars, while being an impartial decision maker in the pursuit of justice.
  • I am the only candidate in this race that is board certified, that has any judicial experience (I have more than five years of judicial experience), and that has a proven judicial track record.
  • In recent years, there have been elected judges in Montgomery County who have made decisions or conducted themselves in ways that have caused distrust with the voters.  The voters in Montgomery County can choose to elect me, a "known" in this race, or they can take another risk on an "unknown" by voting for my opponent.  I have an untarnished judicial track record and have shown the voters of Montgomery County that I will conservatively follow the law as written, that I will maintain the ethical integrity of this position, and that I will not legislate from the bench.  I am the only safe choice in this race because the voters can rely on my track record of over five years with no reversals on appeal.



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