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Letter to the Editor: For ethics and integrity, vote Robin for 410th judge

Letter to the Editor: For ethics and integrity, vote Robin for 410th judge - Your Houston News: Opinion
Letter to the Editor: For ethics and integrity, vote Robin for 410th judge
Posted: Sunday, February 28, 2016 12:25 am

To the editor:

While I admit that I have been proudly supporting Judge Jennifer Robin since she entered the 410th District Court judge race, and know she is the most qualified candidate, at one time I held one of her opponents in high regard and hated having to choose between the two. After reading the article “Patriots PAC allows 410th judge candidates to self-endorse on voter guide” in Saturday’s Courier, however, I am very disappointed in Kristin Bays and her actions involving the “voter guides” being handed out at the South Montgomery County Library, and possibly elsewhere. It made my choice of Jennifer Robin much easier in that race.

While I hold the Texas Patriots PAC somewhat responsible for allowing candidates to check their own names on the “voter guides,” creating the potential for questionable practices among the candidates, it is up to the candidates and their supporters to do what is right.

I commend Jennifer Robin and the other candidate in the race, Chuck Meyer, for declining to participate in what they believe is a violation of the Texas Code of Judicial Conduct. In the Courier article, Judge Robin was quoted as saying, “I have chosen not to personally hand out any sample ballots with any candidate endorsements ... because it is a violation of Canon 5 of the Texas Code of Judicial Conduct,” Robin said. “I further have opted not to have anyone in my campaign place a check mark next to my name on any entity’s ballot that made no endorsement in my race. I believe to do so would knowingly or recklessly misrepresent facts to the public. This conduct would be misleading to voters, would be a violation of judicial ethics and would impugn the integrity of the judiciary.”

Jennifer went on to say, “I would rather lose this race than violate the Texas Code of Judicial Conduct to win. That is who I am and for which I stand.”

I hope the voters of Montgomery County will join me in standing up for what is right, in demanding ethical conduct of elected officials, and in electing a judge that has a high standard of ethics, as I have shown to have over the last five years as a judge.”

Chuck Meyer agreed with Jennifer, stating, “I refused to do it because I think it is misleading to the public.” Meyer noted he did see the Bays campaign check the PAC voter guide and hand them out. “I am also disturbed that any judicial candidate would hand out a (voter guide) with other candidate names. That just seems to go against the (Texas Code of Judicial Conduct) and I am sick and tired of people breaching the (Texas Code of Judicial Conduct).”

When you go to the polls Tuesday, remember that Jennifer Robin, board certified and already an experienced judge, has the integrity needed to fill the role of Judge of the 410th District Court.

Ann Kate

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